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Day1 - 23th February 2009

Café Culinaire opens its doors again!
Until the late hours on Sunday night, dozens of hands were making the last adjustments to the table arrangement, checking on supplies for the umpteenth time or polishing that glass display again, in Dubai World Trade Center’s Zabeel Hall on the eve of Gulfood 2009, to allow Café Culinaire to re-open its doors in full splendor.

If such particular care is being taken of the details, it’s because Café Culinaire is much more than a food show exhibitor, it is a full-fledged restaurant, serving dishes that are prepared on site using the products and brands that are exclusively represented by Emirates Snack Foods (ESF), the company behind the concept.

Building on last year’s success at Gulfood 2008, the formula for this edition has remained unchanged albeit on a somewhat larger scale with several newcomers and an extension to the exclusive breakfast service, offered to Chefs and Judges involved in the Salon Culinaire.

What the enthusiasm for Café Culinaire has shown first and foremost is a thirst in the industry for creativeness and practicality. In line with ESF’s philosophy, Café Culinaire offers a one stop solution for the professionals of the hotel and restaurant industry with a range that covers the entire menu from hot to cold kitchen as well as F&B operations..

The concept particularly highlights the convenience of the range of products, putting the products to the test in a real life environment whilst exhibiting and promoting the creativity of the Chef’s work. Visitors can have breakfast, lunch and dinner, experiencing how the different products are used, applied and above all, taste – “food after all is there to be eaten, not just seen in pretty displays!”

Add to this the high quality standards of the products that are used along with the fame and tradition of some of the most influential brands in the industry, and you can already imagine your own restaurant being born. Maybe that’s an idea to be discussed with ESF......


This year, Café Culinaire welcomes Gulfood newcomer bio-familia, leading producer of authentic Swiss muesli for almost 50 years, known under its familia brand name and inspired on the renowned Dr Bircher-Benner’s groundbreaking work on holistic nutrition and inventor of the world’s preferred healthy breakfast item.

The bio-familia company is an expert at blending the finest cereal grains with first-rate fruits and a variety of nuts which has earned it the unrivalled reputation as the premier cereal maker in Switzerland.

Considered one of the most nutritional and tasty cereals around the world, familia offers a wide selection of cereal mixes, ranging from the original recipe of Bircher muesli over calcium and magnesium fortified blends to a full organic range.

The Swiss company also actively works on protecting the environment, which is reflected in numerous initiatives including their support for organic farmers, installation of solar panels and usage of green electricity in the production plants thus caring not only for the health of its consumers but for nature as well.

So as a healthy option to start the day with a bowl of fresh milk or yoghurt or as an energizing snack between meals, familia always offers a crunchy intermezzo which is both fast and beneficial to your health!


Achenbach Delikatessen introducing its latest creations
After last year’s overwhelming success at Gulfood 2008, Achenbach, the German-based innovative delicatessen and gourmet food company, which produces the next generation of premium finger food, is proudly participating again in this edition.

The first two ranges of Achenbach Delikatessen were the colorful crispy cones and the flying buffet which gave way to the introduction during last year’s edition of the show of the multi-flavored lollies, elegantly presented on glass bridges and slick stands, where they were received by the industry with great enthusiasm. The warm response for the Achenbach line was reflected in wide and positive feedback and strong demand from the UAE’s premium caterers, first-rate hotels and poshest restaurants.

This year during the exhibition, Achenbach will introduce its latest creations such as “Chocolate Ravioli”, “Soya Caviar” and “Pastrami Salmon”, which are just a few selected items from the company’s new collection for the UAE’s top clientele.

The wide variety of exquisite sweet and savory hors d’oeuvres are presented again for tasting this year at Café Culinaire, which remains true to its tradition by offering its guests a unique preview of Achenbach’s mouthwatering range in a stylish and comfortable setting.


Day 2 - 24th February 2009

Café Culinaire now open for a solid and healthy breakfast!
At the start of last year’s edition of Gulfood, Café Culinaire came out with the innovative and warmly welcomed initiative of offering a breakfast service alongside lunch and warm and cold refreshments. This original idea was launched mainly to cater for the needs of the Chefs participating in the neighboring Salon Culinaire and the Judges who get up at dawn in order to start preparations for the contest, leaving little room for an extensive breakfast at home. It came as no surprise that the breakfast venue soon became the reference point for the professional culinary elite to get a nutritious boost for the day, especially since it was located right next to their work area where they could keep an eye on the Salon.

It is common knowledge that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, defeating mid-morning fatigue and irritability while boosting productivity levels – the perfect boost for the competing Chefs in Salon Culinaire with a tough day ahead. Apart from the competitors of the Salon, the idea gained exceptional popularity with the Salon Culinaire Judges and the Emirates Culinary Guild, who found in Café Culinaire a hospitable neighbor and a place to recover their breath between the competition challenges and throughout the day.

Because of its overwhelming success, Café Culinaire has decided to extend the breakfast formula this year, with the famous Swiss muesli pioneer and Gulfood newcomer familia having this year’s leading role alongside last year’s acclaimed Caffé Kimbo. Also available on the breakfast table will be mouthwatering madeleines (St Michel), freshly baked croissants with delicious jams (Bonne Maman) and a little financier (Patiswiss) to top it all off.

So whether it’s a hearty espresso and a fresh croissant with strawberry jam or a creamy cappuccino followed by Bircher muesli with cold fresh milk, the Café Culinaire team provides a solid and healthy start to a busy Gulfood day.


More Kimbo everywhere - Kimbo launches new concepts!
This year Cafe Culinaire is Kimbo's platform to launch several new concepts that will ensure further penetration of Kimbo's superb coffee in all areas of a coffee lover's typical working day: at home, in the office and ofcourse the coffee bar!

Following the success of the Konsuelo machine for home use, Caffè Kimbo now launches in the UAE the Konsuelo Plus pod machine:? of sleek and elegant compact design, this machine is ideal to prepare excellent espresso and frothy cappuccinos. Konsuelo Plus boasts cutting edge technology specifically studied to extract coffee in pods, which are available in two varieties: Kimbo Espresso Napoletano and Kimbo Espresso Decaffeinato.

For even more convenient home use, and indeed also for office use, Caffè Kimbo recommend to their customers the new easy-to-use Kapsula espresso machine, designed and created for those who want to relish an espresso as good as at the coffee bar. The slide-in insertion and automatic ejection of the used capsule guarantee an easy and rapid preparation of the coffee. The removable tank ensures the perfect hygiene of the appliance, while the steam spout is indispensable for those who want a frothy cappuccino or another hot drink.

The Caffè Kimbo Espresso capsules can be used on all the machines that take rigid capsules of the same shape and size, and are available in three different blends: Kimbo Espresso Napoletano, Kimbo Espresso 100% Arabica and Kimbo Espresso Decaffeinato.

And finally, combining ultimate convenience with the quality output of a high performance professional coffee machine, Caffè Kimbo's Rotary Lux capsule machine makes its UAE debut at Cafe Culinaire. This machine is ideal for a coffee bar where speed and simplicity of use is a requirement without compromising on quality. Very cost effective and convenient, this fully automatic machine can make espresso, cappuccino, and even tea at the press of a button!



Costa Ligure
For the second consecutive time, Costa Ligure, the leading manufacturer of pesto sauces, sundried tomatoes, bruschetta toppings, vegetable sauces and creams from the Ligurian Coast in Italy, will be taking part in Café Culinaire to delight your senses and especially your taste buds.

Quick preparations of Italian dishes which are both tasty and healthy were largely unheard of in the UAE before Costa Ligure sauces made their introduction in the market. ?All of the company’s products are manufactured with only the finest ingredients, absolutely free of preservatives, and through high-tech production processes which ensure the products’ long shelf life while preserving their fresh taste to sauce up any pasta or risotto dish.

Costa Ligure’s mission to attract more “Italian food lovers” has led to its “Pitted Olives” in extra virgin olive oil and “Crema di Basilico”, a semi finished and versatile ingredient, designed to provide culinary creations with a delightful finishing touch. For the most demanding ‘pesto alla genovese’ connoisseurs, Costa Ligure presents “Pesto Vivo” as an addition to its range, which is a pesto sauce made, in its traditional form, with pine nuts.

So don’t hesitate and visit Café Culinaire during Gulfood 2009 at lunch time for an Italian gourmet treat and we’ll prove that Italian cuisine can’t be complete without Costa Ligure.


Michel Cluizel
At last year’s Gulfood 2008, Michel Cluizel’s innovative and original cake molds were introduced at Café Culinaire and highly applauded by the audience for their easiness of use, creative shapes and of course impeccable quality and taste.
Michel Cluizel, founder of the revered French chocolate house, has always made a point of differentiating himself by his careful selection of the world’s best cacao plantations to produce his legendary chocolate creations with the purest taste, as each and every item of this remarkable maison is composed of exceptional cocoa beans.

To please his ever growing distinguished clientele, the range of Michel Cluizel chocolate items has been widened to include, new varieties of decor items, chocolate bars and gift packs with finished chocolate preparations in elegant shapes en attractive packaging.

At this year’s Café Culinaire, Michel Cluizel’s highlights include the chocolate version of the macaroon which has a dark chocolate shell filled with coarsely ground almond and hazelnut praline, giving this little marvel a rich, grainy texture. Another debut is made by the beautiful little fruit shaped decor items, which combine sublime taste with a surprisingly realistic shape and color.

To further familiarize a select group of pastry chefs with Michel Cluizel’s products, Export Manager Xavier Haudebourg took advantage of their presence at Café Culinaire to finalize their upcoming trip to a workshop conducted in Michel Cluizel’s factory by the world famous Philippe Parc (Meilleurs Ouvriers de France and world pastry champion).


Day 3 - 25th February 2009

Cape Foods with its unique range of spices/toppings enters UAE with ESF!
Yet another newcomer was added to the extensive portfolio of ESF, introducing a very important aspect of modern cuisine and the South African one in particular: spices and toppings. The cuisine of South Africa reflects the diversity of various ethnic groups and has given birth to some very exciting mixtures of pungent spices which have over the decades infiltrated every kitchen in the world.

To spice up your kitchen and your life, ESF is launching this wonderful selection to the UAE market and yet again with a company that excels in its domain: Cape Foods. The company is rightfully dubbed Purveyors of Fine Foods and independently owned, specializing in innovatively packaged quality foods.

Available for Retail and Food Service, the ranges have already attracted great interest from professionals in the food business, especially because of Cape Foods’ focus on innovative and attractive packaging. These have earned the company various awards, including the Gold packaging Award and Selection at the SIAL 2006-2007 exhibition in the Trends & Innovations category.

The Cape Foods range, now available in the UAE, consists of:
- A range of cake decoration and ice-cream sprinkles in a multi-compartment jar
- A range of disposable spice grinders including the elegantly designed salt & pepper grinders
- A range of popcorn seasonings including flavors such as Original Butter, Cheddar Cheese, Salt & Vinegar and Cheese & Chives
- A unique range of various spice offerings in multi-compartment jars and PET shakers


Fabbri introduces Simplé - simply the finest Italian Gelato in 10 minutes!
With the brand new Simplé, creating truly great gelato is as easy as one, two, three, four. Just four simple steps is all it takes to make incredibly delicious gelato and sorbet.

Based on a pioneering invention and the traditional recipes of Fabbri's founder in the middle of last century, Simplé allows the gelato maker a shortcut but without the shortcomings. Simplé is a perfectly balanced ready-to-use product: just add milk for gelato or water for sorbet - and without the need to pasteurize! In just 10 minutes it produces an excellent velvety and creamy gelato, which looks and tastes like the finest artisan gelato because it is the finest artisan gelato - just ask the many guests of Café Culinaire who tried it!

Simplé is available for both fruit and classic flavours, and can also be used as an ingredient for Semifreddo, milkshake, slush and Soft Gelato.


Orto Conserviera Cameranese adds another hit in the making for ESF!
Orto Conserviera Cameranese ?produces, preserves and sells vegetables either pickled or preserved in oil since the 1930s. Passion and experience are key in the production of typical products of Italy’s Marche Region, creating the traditional flavors of Italian cuisine based on the original recipes handed down from founder Marino Giacchetti

Orto Conserviera’s range of products is as wide as it is diverse, but to name just a few, there is the mix of porcini and button mushrooms in a glass jar, delicious grilled artichokes, zucchinis or eggplants marinated in olive oil and vinegar, spicy red peppers stuffed with tuna, seasoned black olives alla marchigiana… With just one mouthful, the colorful and rich flavors of Italy are unleashed on your palate.

No wonder that since its recent launch, the brand has been gaining traction in the UAE with a growing number of Chefs putting their trust in this unique product line. The quality of the range is unequalled and its convenience a matter of course. It is clear that with this addition, another hit is in the making for Emirates Snack Foods!


Day 4 - 26th February 2009

Transforming the everyday into the exceptional – Ina Paarman visits Dubai!
Ina Paarman is a household name for any South African anywhere in the world, and since ESF introduced the brand a few years ago on the UAE market, it has rapidly entered the kitchens of the local South African community – and of the many others who in one way or another know their way around the kitchen here.

And there’s a very good reason for that: in all objectivity, the products are fantastic. Premium quality ingredients, preservative free without added MSG, reduced fat and great, authentic taste; who could ask for more? With a range which has everything from coat & cook sauces over seasonings to bake mixes, the products are ‘ordinary enough to find their way onto tables every day but sophisticated enough to transform the everyday into the exceptional’, as Ina Paarman herself puts it so well.

And although all ranges are produced on a large-scale commercial basis, an authentic home-style taste is the brand’s trademark. It’s interesting to know that this internationally successful company started in Mrs. Paarman’s garage where her cooking lessons became a tremendous hit, followed by several cooking tv shows and books. Together with her son Graham, who inherited his mother’s passion for food, the business has grown into a high-tech manufacturing business with national and international recognition.

Ina Paarman’s cookbooks have figured in the Sunday Times 10 best seller non-fiction booklist every week for the last 5 weeks with star performers 'Supper's Ready' and 'What's for Supper?'.

Behind this success story is Ina Paarman herself, an extraordinarily charismatic and warm lady, who arrived in Dubai with her son and business partner in the early morning hours of the last day of Gulfood 2009 and headed straight for Cafe Culinaire, where her culinary gems were successfully being showcased.

In the evening Ina and Graham were the guest of honor at an Arabic meal in the newly opened but already very popular Baladna Lebanese restaurant in Wafi City, hosted by her grateful business partners and friends from Emirates Snack Foods. No scent, aroma or taste went unnoticed and every dish was carefully analyzed, absorbed, savored and archived as the numerous courses passed the dinner table. Her investigative nature combined with her kindness, determination and great passion for food leave no doubt as to why her reputation precedes her: the founder of Ina Paarman’s Kitchen puts her heart into everything she does.

This explains why more than 90 South African ladies attended her presentation on Saturday 28 February entitled “Ina’s best cooking tips and the recipe for a successful family business”. Creamy tagliatelli with roasted cherry tomatoes and black olives, cappuccino chocolate pudding and the wholesomeness of a family enterprise, sprinkled with carefully crafted jokes. It was all blended into a great breakfast talk at the Arabian Ranches Golf Club House for the excited crowd of the South African Women’s Association. In cooperation with ESF, the event was a success and great interest was shown for not only the range of products but for her recipe books as well.

The UAE market has received Ina Paarman as enthusiastically as SAWA, with the salad dressings topping a bestseller list of many products that are widely available in retailers across the UAE.


Café Culinaire’s Gulfood Party
Café Culinaire was switched on party mode this evening when the pool area of Novotel WTC served as the backdrop for a spectacular feast. ESF proved the point that its innovative concept can be transported and applied outside the Gulfood’s exhibition halls by virtually recreating the set-up in the neighboring hotel in partnership with Novotel’s management and staff.

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For the first time ever, a function was organized in a hotel using exclusively the ESF brands with colorful and tasteful food displays, live cooking stations and complete with cocktail and coffee bars. The service was provided by the teams of Café Culinaire and Novotel, working side by side to cater for the guests’ needs with some of the preparations being done beforehand in the ESF corporate kitchen.

Some 250 guests including the UAE’s most prominent horeca professionals, principals from the four corners of the world and various partners attended the celebration that highlighted Café Culinaire’s success.

On the menu were Italian antipasti, cornettinis, tartlets, lollies, pastas, risottos, ice creams and chocolates and much more as well as some fantastic cocktails and coffee preparations, all featuring Cafe Culinaire partners Kimbo, Ferrarelle, Barilla, Riso Gallo, Michel Cluizel, Fabbri, Orto Conserviera, Cape Foods, Mama Africa’s, familia, Peppadew, Costa Ligure, Mrs Ball’s Chutney, Ina Paarman, Something South African, Achenbach and Patiswiss.

We’re relieved to report that nobody took an unexpected dip in the pool but quite a few hangovers may be reported tomorrow morning…