Café Culinaire
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News at Café Culinaire Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4

Day1 - 24th February 2008

Something South African launches new range
“Something South African" is proud to launch its new range extension at the Gulf Food Show 2008, where it exhibits with UAE partner Emirates Snack Foods at its innovative stand "Cafe Culinaire".? After numerous requests and popular demand Something South African has extended its range into other food categories that include Biscuits, Jam/Spreads, Soup, Spices, Tea and canned fruit.

These range extensions compliment the existing products that have been successful in the Gulf and would be sure to not only excite South African customers but also those who want a Taste of South Africa.


Natia: the still companion of Ferrarelle!
The area from which Ferrarelle springs is also the source of Natia, another fine natural mineral water. The geological formation of volcanic origin through which it runs, and from which it acquires its distinctive taste, brings forth another miracle of nature. This water goes perfectly well with any kind of recipe.

Natia was launched in 2003 to accompany Ferrarelle in Italian and foreign restaurants also now in the UAE, Emirates Snack Foods brings you Ferrarelle's still companion launching Natia at Gulfood 2008.


Comatec enters UAE with ESF
On the occasion of Gulfood 2008, EMIRATES SNACK FOODS is delighted to start a partnership with the company COMATEC. You will be able to discover the COMATEC products at the ? Cafe Culinaire ? stand at Gulfood.

Leading company in France, COMATEC is specialized in the creation and manufacturing of disposable meal packaging used by caterers, hotels and restaurants.

This company has innovative and qualitative products, in order to satisfy its customers and to respond to the needs and trends of the market. Nowadays, Design is a key parameter in the modern cuisine. Consumers want to be surprised. COMATEC products will definitely bring on your table admiration, temptation and success.

Since its launch, COMATEC has made design one of the main engines of its success in creating a highly identifiable style which characterizes its entire range.

Hoping you’ll be seduced by its products which are marked off from others by their design, innovation, functionality and quality.


Day 2 - 25th February 2008

Café Culinaire now also open for breakfast!
Café Culinaire is launching today the first Breakfast service at Gulfood, aimed specially at the Salon Culinaire competitors as well as the judges.

Opening daily at 7am, Café Culinaire welcomes all chefs with Kimbo coffee and Eraclea Italian hot chocolate to accompany freshly baked croissants and other viennoiserie, served with delicious Bonne Maman jams.

This unique service is available until 11am, when preparations for Café Culinaire’s lunch service will start. Click for pictures!


Costa Ligure launches Pesto Vivo
Costa Ligure uses the occasion of Gulfood 2008 to launch its unique Pesto Vivo product at Café Culinaire. Pesto Vivo is a world first,?? a long life Pesto Sauce without any artificial preservatives and without pasteurisation, having a shelf life of 24 months in glass and 12 months in plastic pails.

This is due to a unique production process, invented and patented by Costa Ligure, and certified by SGS. Due to the high water content of vegetable leaves, pasteurisation is the industry norm to prevent moulds and bacteria formation - the downside though is degradation of taste, color and fragrance.

Cost Ligure on the other hand is the only company employing a method without pasteurisation, achieving a long shelf life but with an absolutely fresh taste!

Costa Ligure is located on Italy’s Ligurian coast and is a leading manufacturer of pesto sauces, sun dried tomatoes, Bruschetta? toppings and vegetable sauces and creams, represented in the UAE by Emirates Snack Foods. All the products are produced using high technology production processes? with only the finest ingredients and absolutely no artificial colors, flavorings or preservatives.


Next generation premium finger foods launched by Achenbach
Achenbach Delikatessen, Germany’s well known gourmet food specialties producer, has chosen Gulfood 2008 for the UAE launch of its latest finger food concept: Lollies! The latest generation of Amuse Bouche for premium customers, the sweet and savory delights come in fourteen flavors and are tastefully presented in the shape of lollies, ready to eat from the attractive glass lolly stand or lolly bridge.

Very easy and quickly to prepare, the Achenbach lollies are ideal for parties, receptions and other festive occasions, or simply as starters in your restaurant. They are also ideal as tapas or finger food in classy bars or similar establishments. The guests of Café Culinaire will be able to enjoy these tasty creations in all these varied applications. Click for pictures!


Debut of Michel Cluizel’s cake molds
Michel Cluizel’s UAE partner Emirates Snack Foods showcased today for the first time the new and unique cake molds of Michel Cluizel in its Café Culinaire at Gulfood 2008.

Michel Cluizel offers an extensive collection of PVC molds in a variety of unique shapes that help you save time to create chocolate impressions, entremets or artistic pieces in the pastry kitchen. All molds are exclusively developed and manufactured by Michel Cluizel and unlike many other molds currently on the market, can be used up to forty times without altering the originality of the creation. De-molding is very easy and instantaneous, and these unique molding tools can also be frozen, as they withstand temperatures of as low as -400C.

Café Culinaire’s pastry kitchen has created several beautiful cakes with these molds, which look as great as they taste-as already verified by many of Café Culinaire’s guests! Please Click here for some images of these artistic creations.

Michel Cluizel is one of the rare chocolate manufacturers to process its own cocoa beans, with which he, assisted by his four children, elaborates exceptional chocolates in his Normandy workshops, employing 200 people and exporting all over the world.


Day 3 - 26th February 2008

Celebrating Café Culinaire’s success
ESF used the occasion of its annual Gulfood party to celebrate the success of Café Culinaire. The party was held today in Lotus One at the Dubai Convention Centre, where the Café Culinaire team and the ESF staff were joined by Café Culinaire partners and many of Café Culinaire’s loyal patrons amongst the chefs' community.

There were also several of ESF’s other partners present, and the hosts from Café Culinaire were specially pleased to welcome several of their guests’ spouses.

The convenient location and elegant settinig of Lotus One combined with the superb fusion food and music into a memorable evening for all, as evidenced by the many appreciative comments. Click here for some pictures of this party.

Lotus One is a swanky Thai fusion restaurant/bar/club with suspended decks and chairs, a glass floor showcasing a river scene underneath and many other cutting edge design features, making it a favorite with Dubai’s party crowd.


Cafe Culinaire gaining media exposure
The news of the interesting innovation brought by Cafe Culinaire to Gulfood 2008 is travelling fast, and now also caught media attention.

Ms Umaima TiNwala, Editor of Gulf Gourmet came to Cafe Culinaire to interview several of its partners; Gianfranco Veltre, Horeca and export manager of Cafè Kimbo, Pierluigi Pavesi, export manager of Barilla, Xavier Haudebourg, export manager of Chocolaterie Michel Cluizel and Riccardo Preve, owner of Riso Gallo.

She also interviewed Ron Daniel Pilnik, Managing Director of Emirates Snack Foods, who explained the concept of Cafe Culinaire and the reasons for its creation. He explained that an F & B operation branded by its main suppliers could also be implemented as a viable business venture outside an exhibition.

Gulf Gourmet is a publication of the Emirates Culinary Guild and published by Communique Global

Click here for the Gulf Gourmet article.


Day 4 - 27th February 2008

Record output from Café Culinaire’s Chefs!
As Gulfood 2008 draws to a close, the three chefs of Café Culinaire tallied up a truly remarkable output in just four days:

The Starters counted: 360 Achenbach savory lollies, 415 Achenbach Savory cornettinis and?229 Achenbach savory Flying Buffet. They?also served 335 portions of filled Peppadews, as well as 350 Salads with Ina Paarman dressing?and 340 Bruschettas with Costa Ligure toppings.

Main Courses counted: 850 Barilla Pasta dishes of which 550 had Costa Ligure sauces, and there were also 650 Riso Gallo risottos of various flavors. Click for pictures!

For desserts they produced and served 533 cakes with Michel Cluizel and Patiswiss ingredients and décor,?875 Achenbach sweet?lollies, 515 Achenbach crispy cornettinis?and 200 Achenbach sweet?Flying Buffet. Fabbri Chef Jerome also scooped 120 litres of?Fabbri Gelato with Patiswiss and?Michel Cluizel toppings.

Meanwhile, the two Barmen mixed and served 463 mocktails containing effect, Fabbri syrups and Ferrarelle, and prepared 263 Eraclea ice teas and hot chocolates. Guests who preferred the purity of life consumed 94 cases of still and sparkling Ferrarelle mineral water!

A special mention is due for Maestro Barrista Carmine of Kimbo, who pepared a staggering 2689 espressos over four days!
Click for pictures!

However, the absolute record for serving goes to Café Culinaire’s two effect hostesses, who delighted passers by with almost?20,000 cans?of effect! Click for pictures!

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